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About Validoss

Validoss started validating in the Netherlands in 2010 and specializes in the validation of equipment for cleaning, disinfection, drying, sterilization, transport and storage.

We conduct validation in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Sweden, and Switzerland, often on a contractual basis. We can validate all processes and systems related to cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization.

We are independent and able to work with all known brands and types of equipment. Validoss likes to work globally, so wherever you are located, we are glad to offer you our services!

Validoss employs cutting-edge equipment and continuously innovates. Additionally, we offer the following products and services:

  • Sampling Kit for flexible endoscopes
  • Cleaning and biological indicators
  • PCDs (Process Challenge Devices)
  • Laboratory analyses


Validoss takes a pragmatic approach to validation with the aim of conducting the most efficient validation possible, which minimally impacts the department.

Because our validation method has a shorter turnaround time, results of the measurements are quickly visible, and the machines are always available in their original state.

The applicable standards such as EN ISO15883, EN285, ISO17665 and ISO16442 are the basis for any validation, next to which we will adapt, when applicable and necessary, to national guidelines and specific customer requests.

Equipment and partners

Validoss works with the most advanced and modern equipment and software. Where possible we measure with wireless loggers. These loggers offer the possibility to measure different parameters without pre- or post calibration and give the results wireless and with realtime streaming.

We work mainly with Simicon GmbH for measurements and analysis of cleaning-, disinfection- and sterilization efficacy. Due to our close collaboration with accredited laboratories in the Netherlands and Germany we are able to do a wide range of microbiological testing.