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Sampling Kit for Flexible Endoscopes

The Validoss Sampling Kit provides a simple and convenient method for individually sampling all channels for the most common flexible endoscopes by Olympus®, Fujifilm®, and Pentax®.

All ports and a syringe are connected at the beginning of use. The tubing is attached to the rinsing fluid, allowing each channel to be sampled separately by turning the manifold from positions 1 to 6. The volume of fluid for sampling can be adjusted according to the user’s requirements.

Sampling can be performed with the endoscope either in a horizontal or suspended position.

  • Sterile and individually packaged.
  • Single person sampling.
  • Includes 6 connector ports and channel seperator to sample all channels individually.
  • Can be used with most flexible endoscopes.
  • Flush rinsing fluid or blow air, without disconnecting the syringe.
  • Closed system to ensure maximum safety.
  • Easy to use and reproducible working method.
  • Sample collection with the endoscope in laid down or suspended position.

Single Person

The Validoss Sampling Kit for flexible endoscopes helps users make the sample collection process more convenient and faster. By connecting the endoscope ports in advance, the sample collection can be carried out by a single person.

Extra attention has been given to minimise the risk of errors. Thereby lowering the threshold for training more people to perform endoscope sampling and reducing the likelihood of false positives.


The unfolded packaging of the Validoss Sampling Kit may serve as a clean working surface and a single-use channel seperator is also included. In addition to the Validoss Sampling Kit for flexible endoscopes, a number of accessories are needed:

  • Sample jars
  • Rinsing fluid (bottle or bag)
  • Swabs
  • (Sterile) gloves

More Information

Curious about the possibilities of the Validoss Sampling Kit for flexible endoscopes? Contact us today for more information.


Art nr: 40118


Art nr: 40117*


Art nr: 40116*

Individually packaged – Sterile – VE 10 pcs

* in development